Hei there, 

    I am hair and makeup artist with 8 years experience in beauty, fashion and wedding industries. I love my job in every way whether it is weddings , long commercial filming or TV show. Moreover I have extensive knowledge of professional makeup products and beauty trends that helps me to reach a high quality result.

     I graduated art school in my native town. There I got knowledge about history of art, variety of colors, feeling the light and volume as well as drawing the world and people around me. In spite of this background my first work was a sales manager of the hotel in St. Petersburg. Thereby I acquired such skills as efficiency and communication so now I easily find common language with clients, producers and directors. Anyway my passion to create beauty forced me to completely change my profession and my way of life too. After graduating a number of courses and master-classes in Saint-Petersburg I was able to start my makeup and hair artist career. For now I am professional makeup and hair artist with extensive experience in different areas of beauty and fashion industries such as weddings, photoshoots, commercial and TV shows. Also I have a wide range of clients that includes artists, models and celebrities. 

      My works have been published in famous magazines like Voque Russia, Saint-Petersburg Wedding magazine, Burnett’s Boards - daily wedding inspiration magazine and others. As a professional makeup and hair artist I was involved in various commercial video shoots for popular cosmetic brand “Chistaya-linia” and worked on famous Russia TV show “Vecherniy Urgant” and at channel “FoxSports” live stream on the Confederation Cup. As a skilled and professional makeup and hair artist I have lots of experience working with theater, cinema actors and ballet dancers.

 I like beauty and I hope to make the world around me a little more beautiful, giving people joy and happiness, helping them to get more confidence and believe in themselves. For me there is no better than create the look women dream of. I do all the best for people I work with.

    I am freelance artist and arrange schedule myself, so I am worldwide available and  always inspired and open for new projects. So let me know if you interesting in cooperating with me wherever you are.



My diploms and sertificates 


phone: +79818040992 (Russia)

phone: +4748620391 (Norway)

WhatsApp: +79818040992